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We’re shortlisted for another award!

Stop the press - we’re super proud to be shortlisted for the Best Specialist Dating Website in the upcoming UK Dating Awards. 

It’s been an incredible year for us. Recognition for the hard work and amazing difference we’re making to people’s lives is always a very good thing! 

The judges will be deliberating over the coming month and I believe we get to hear if we’re winners sometime in mid-November. Watch this space…

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So who wants to be on TV?

We’ve been contacted by a rather famous TV production company who would like to do a myLovelyParent show! How much fun would that be? 

Their thinking is to follow a dozen or so people during the course of their online dating journey to the point they fall head over heels, madly in love and invite the myLovelyParent team to the wedding they never thought they’d be having. Or something like that! 

If you think your mum or dad would be a good candidate for the show please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. And hey, we might even chip in some money for the wedding flowers. 

Matt & the myLovelyParent team

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myLovelyParent’s first wedding on the BBC?

Recently we’ve had a flood of emails from couples celebrating their first year anniversaries.

Some have moved in together, others taking their first joint holiday away. All we’re waiting on now is our first wedding.

We’ve just been contacted by the BBC series Don’t Tell the Bride asking if we have any couples who are at the wedding stage. If you haven’t seen the programme, it’s slightly car crash TV (in our opinion!) where the groom is given three weeks and a free £12,000 to plan an entire wedding. The catch? Well, the bride isn’t allowed any involvement. If that’s not guaranteed to be brilliant (in a terrible way) TV we don’t know is.

They’ve asked if we can put a shout out for people who would be interested. We said we would and here it is!

If you or anyone you know is over 50 years old and are interested do drop us a line at 

Thanks all. 

Matt & the myLovelyParent team. 

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Taking over the world. Penny by penny.

Hello all. 

We’ve just set up a Kickstarter campaign to help us build global awareness around myLovelyParent and help it become a household brand.

We really could do with as much support from you as possible - whether it’s help us fundraise or simply sharing the word. Please check out - & do send the link to as many friends and family members as you can! 

Thanks as always. 

Matt & the team.

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This week @myLovelyParent HQ

Matt and I headed down to Jacks Bar, London for a date with fellow dating business peeps.

I was a bit nervous meeting the faces behind some of the brands my friends have used, but it was interesting to see what niche websites there are out there. For example,  if you’re an Australian, Fruitarian descended from Inuit migrants in 1950 your penache for dating will be pretty niche - but there is a website, just for you (probably). 

For Matt and I, I think the best part of the doo was the affirmation that what we’re striving to achieve at is really quite unique and really very special. 

Dating isn’t like shopping. At our parent’s age it can seem complicated (“Dear - how do I open my messages?”), a bit scary (“Can he see my personal details?”) but for your parent at the fine age of 50, 60, 70 or 80 it really matters that they are comfortable, happy and safe dating online.

We’re not a multi-million-dollar business hooking people up through automated machines. We personally respond to your or your parents’ queries, we reach out to you guys when we need a hand and ultimately all we want to do is help your older parent find love.

We’re doing a something a bit different. Running a company based on Matt and I’s own experiences of our parents wanting to find love.

So when we left Southwark, Matt and I looked at each other knowing that really is the only place either of us would want to have our folks dating.

Thanks to you guys who have signed up your parent and who feel the same way we do.

- Enjoy the Sunshine -

Gem x

p.s. sign your parent up for free here


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A message from a myLovelyParent member

Dear Matt

I would just like to thank you, that through your lovely website I met James. Thursday 24th April this year was the anniversary of our first message, we met in person 4 weeks later.

We adore each other and are very happy together. It is still early days but I could not imagine my life without him now.
I have told so many people about your website and hope they can find that special someone as we have.

James was the first person to favourite me and message me, the rest is history. I feel so blessed that we have met, we have so much in common.

I love looking back at his profile, and the messages we sent to each other until we met, they always make me smile.
Again thank you so much, and very best wishes for the on going success of myLovelyParent.

Nikki x

Just perfect. 
To start your mum or dad’s profile head to and recommend someone for them.

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The Independent - Top 9 Dating Sites

We’re super proud to have been recognised as one of The Independent’s Top 9 Online Dating Sites. 

It’s been a pretty special couple of months - first of all to be listed in The Sunday Time’s Top 10 and now this. Wonderful, wonderful news. 

Thanks to all our amazing members for joining and making myLovelyParent such a special place. And of course to their sons and daughters for encouraging them! 

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A new member of the myLovelyParent team

Hello my name is Gem and I am the latest member of the myLovelyParent team. This is my family’s story and why I am so excited about my new role.

My Mum and I have always been very close - she brought me up on her own whilst studying and building a successful career. She spent most of my childhood focusing on these things and as I grew up I worried about her being on her own and I wanted her to be happy.

She met my Step-Dad online. At the time she had almost given up on finding someone to spend the rest of her life with, in fact she had reluctantly concluded that she never would. Her story started when a close friend of hers encouraged her to start online dating.  She helped Mum setup a profile, and guided her through the do’s and don’ts.

I still remember how sceptical Mum was about going online to meet someone. She would ask me what I thought of her profile, potential dates, personal security and so on. I think having me around to check things with and someone who was a bit more confident using technology really helped.

After a couple of months not much was happening, so I stepped in.  Mum’s subscription was up for renewal - she had given up and was about to close her account. I could see that she was not really using the site to its fullest, she was still nervous about approaching people, of course I knew that everyone is the first few times.  I pushed her to just send a simple message to people she clearly shared an interest with.

Good job she did. We still talk about the moment she spotted my Dad with big “lols”. His profile included two really, terrible pictures - one showed him in full ski gear with full ski goggles in the middle of a group of other men who were also in full ski gear and goggles (which one was he?); the second picture was just as bad - him standing next to a huge ferry (big boat, tiny man!).  Mum had no idea what he looked like but she could see how much they had in common so I persuaded her to write to him anyway and after a couple of emails and one phone call, they agreed to meet.

That was pretty much it for them and my Dad was thrown into the deep end of the ‘parenting world’ with me a new teenage daughter – two years later there was a wedding, followed by a fantastic honeymoon, eleven years later and they’re still very happy and best of all I don’t have to worry about either of them being lonely.

That’s the story of how my parents met and I hope through my work at myLovelyParent I’m able to see and hear more stories of children trying to help their parents find love.

 You will see me regularly pop up across our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts. Matt and I really appreciate the support we have received for myLovelyParent so far and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warmest Regards,

Gem Fiveash x

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Mothering Sunday

Today we have been celebrating Mothering Sunday or what we fondly call at myLovelyParent ‘Spoiling Mum rotten Day’. Whilst, like many of you, we have been juggling breakfasts in bed (cooked over zealously in some quarters of the mLP team), escorting elderly Grannys to the local pub for lunch, or wining and dining our mums in serious myLovelyParent-style, we have been keeping an eye on how you - our extended family - have been spending your day.

On Twitter we named our best ‘Mothering Sunday’ baker @TrulyRoo - who baked a rather spectacular gingerbread house. We have also spent some time speaking to some amazing Mothers and Children who have made this day really special for their loved ones.

At myLovelyParent we are like a big family - celebrating our single parents and endeavoring to find them love and companionship through - it’s important to remember those of us who have lost important women in our lives, on this special day.

So, we joined many of you in showing our support for @Helpforheros #mumsaherobecause and @glamourmag #mumadvice. We found it inspiring to read the beautiful words you have used to describe your mother. Whether they’re beside you snuggled up on the sofa this evening, at the end of the phone or somewhere in the stars looking down on you - we hope you have had a truly wonderful day celebrating.

As always we like to end on a high. There are an awful lot of gorgeous, single, older mums at who would really like to meet a strapping, older gent. If you think your parent would like to find love or companionship - sign them up today - and who knows, next Mothers Day your parent could be clinking glasses with another special person.

If you want any support, advice and all the other bits in between - please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

All our love

The myLovelyParent team x

Mother’s Day just around the corner.

Alright, alright, you’ve still got plenty of time. Mother’s Day is in fact March 30th (in the UK at least) so you still have over a month. 

It’s just the cards are out already and the team at myLovelyParent are being contacted by various journalists who are looking to chat with lovely sons, daughters, mums and dads.

If you have an interesting story or would like to get involved in some fun PR then please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Oh and of course if you haven’t already signed your mum up to myLovelyParent…there’s no need to wait until Mother’s Day. The site is currently free to join and free to use so why wait? 

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