Helping your single mum or dad meet new people online

My online mum

“Facebook? I don’t see the point of it. If I want to speak with my friends I’ll just call them.”

Mum, my mum two weeks ago.

I get it, I do. And the thought of online dating is met with similar dismissal.

But when you describe a site where her details will never been seen or shared with anyone outside; where we – her kids, will help find people who are a good match; and a place which is about meeting new people – it doesn’t need to be anything more. Then it becomes something else.

And the “What would the neighbours think?” question? Well unless they’re on the site, probably not a lot. They’d never know. And hey, if they did have a profile then maybe it’s time to put down the mouse and say hello next door.

Best of all, a couple of days after sharing all this with my mum, she asked…

“Have you found my Prince Charming yet?”

That’s a cute turnaround, right?

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