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The big 3,000.

A few months ago we launched myLovelyParent. It had no members. Not one. Then Debbie joined. Then Anna. Then Mary. It was suddenly all beginning to get a little awkward. Three ladies and no men. Luckily then Paul joined. And then a few more chaps. And then a few more ladies. And, well, that’s how it all began. 

We’re now at a point where three thousand people have signed up to myLovelyParent.

We’ve heard from people who have found love, from people who have made a new friends. 

We’ve seen people signing up their mums and dads - some divorced, some widowed. Others have signed up mother-in-laws and step dads. There have been plenty of aunties and uncles too. We’ve even had best friends in their late 70s sign one another up (one using her iPad no less). 

It’s been brutally hard work getting the site off the ground but so, so worth it. 

If you have a single mum or dad and you think they’d like to meet someone new please head to myLovelyParent and start their profile. If you are a lovely parent then just ask a friend or relative to start it for you. 

Most of all, I hope you enjoy your myLovelyParent experience. 


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Starting my mum’s adventure

A journey of smiles, intrigue and excitement. 

Last week I realised I’d slightly lost my way with myLovelyParent. It all started with the simple suggestion from my mum to ‘help find her knight in shining amour’ but somehow I’d let it become much bigger - ‘a global website with the potential to change the lives of millions of older single mums and dads’. 

And yes, whilst that’s all very good, it doesn’t necessarily help my mum!!

Last week though, I managed to step back from it all. To get that much needed perspective on what has been achieved.

And so I did something beautiful. I signed her up. 

I tried to separate myself from the months of working on the site. A site I know inside and out. 

I typed in and there it was. Alright I’m going to be biased, but I love it. It’s a beautiful site - not just from an aesthetics perspective but in respect to its potential. I  suddenly got a sense of just how far we’d come in such a short time. 

Now it was my chance to do something amazing for my mum. I stepped through the process easily, hesitating only briefly to check for typos (she used to be an English teacher n’ all). 

And there it was. Done. Her invitation to the site would be now sitting in her inbox. 

It all worked perfectly. In fact more than that. I loved it. It only took me minutes for what might, for her, become a life changing experience. 

As is my usual way, I was soon distracted by the world of emails and interview but knew that I’d be getting a the inevitable phone call from my mum later in the day. A few hours later, there it was. 

There was a certain hesitation to open an email from an address she didn’t recognise - which I was pleased to hear. She did of course recognise the brand from all our conversations and there was definite intrigue in her tone. 

We chatted through the next steps and as we were catching up on the weekend decided to walk through her part of the sign up together.

And wow, what an amazing experience that was. It’s something I’d recommend everybody do with their parents (unless they’re still together as that might be a bit odd). It was also amazing to think that hundreds of people have already done this on the site with theirs.

First I witnessed her reading what I’d written for her profile. I don’t think I tell her often enough how I feel and I’ve certainly never condensed into a paragraph or two. It was an incredible bonding experience.

She then stepped through the rest of her profile, completing it with ease and confidence. Nothing seemed to trouble her. It was beautiful to witness. 

And best of all on completing her profile she landed on a page of smiling, warm, welcoming faces. A page of handsome, single gentlemen also looking for companionship; wanting to meet someone special.

All the hours, the late nights, the coffee. It was worth every minute. 

And even though we knew it was working - from the hundreds of people already sign up, to see my own mum sign up? That made it all real. 

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We’re going to be on TV.
It’s official. 
For all the Australians out there keep a look out for myLovelyParent on the Breakfast show, Channel Ten. We’re on live at 8.10am (Sydney time) on Wednesday 29th!

We’re going to be on TV.

It’s official. 

For all the Australians out there keep a look out for myLovelyParent on the Breakfast show, Channel Ten. 

We’re on live at 8.10am (Sydney time) on Wednesday 29th!


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