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Father’s Day on Sunday

Much of the myLovelyParent blog is mum/mom focussed. In part because I created the site to help my mum meet someone new but also because I know what it’s like to have a single mum. I’ve been able to talk from the heart about my relationship with her and how much it would mean for her to meet her Mr Right.

But what about all the dads out there? 

Well, if anything myLovelyParent is even better set up for the single dads. 

First of all there’s a ratio of 4 women to 1 chap on the site. That’s got to be good news for any dad signed up. Plus there are some SERIOUSLY gorgeous ladies on the site. 

There’s more though. I’ve been chatting with the sons/daughters of dads on the site and there’s a common theme - their dads have softened as they get older and whilst they’d love to meet someone new, they have no idea where to start. More often than not, they have a few very good friends but struggle to meet new single people outside those circles.

And this is where myLovelyParent comes in. 

We provide you the chance to gently nudge your dad into trying online dating. To invite him to step outside his comfort zone in a really safe and easy way. 

We promise to look after him. To personally answer any questions he has. To do our best to help him meet someone new in his life. 

If you do have a single dad and think he’d like to meet someone new then head over to, start his profile and even recommend some lovely mums/moms to him. Oh and did we mention that it’s free? 



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