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The big 3,000.

A few months ago we launched myLovelyParent. It had no members. Not one. Then Debbie joined. Then Anna. Then Mary. It was suddenly all beginning to get a little awkward. Three ladies and no men. Luckily then Paul joined. And then a few more chaps. And then a few more ladies. And, well, that’s how it all began. 

We’re now at a point where three thousand people have signed up to myLovelyParent.

We’ve heard from people who have found love, from people who have made a new friends. 

We’ve seen people signing up their mums and dads - some divorced, some widowed. Others have signed up mother-in-laws and step dads. There have been plenty of aunties and uncles too. We’ve even had best friends in their late 70s sign one another up (one using her iPad no less). 

It’s been brutally hard work getting the site off the ground but so, so worth it. 

If you have a single mum or dad and you think they’d like to meet someone new please head to myLovelyParent and start their profile. If you are a lovely parent then just ask a friend or relative to start it for you. 

Most of all, I hope you enjoy your myLovelyParent experience. 


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Starting my mum’s adventure

A journey of smiles, intrigue and excitement. 

Last week I realised I’d slightly lost my way with myLovelyParent. It all started with the simple suggestion from my mum to ‘help find her knight in shining amour’ but somehow I’d let it become much bigger - ‘a global website with the potential to change the lives of millions of older single mums and dads’. 

And yes, whilst that’s all very good, it doesn’t necessarily help my mum!!

Last week though, I managed to step back from it all. To get that much needed perspective on what has been achieved.

And so I did something beautiful. I signed her up. 

I tried to separate myself from the months of working on the site. A site I know inside and out. 

I typed in and there it was. Alright I’m going to be biased, but I love it. It’s a beautiful site - not just from an aesthetics perspective but in respect to its potential. I  suddenly got a sense of just how far we’d come in such a short time. 

Now it was my chance to do something amazing for my mum. I stepped through the process easily, hesitating only briefly to check for typos (she used to be an English teacher n’ all). 

And there it was. Done. Her invitation to the site would be now sitting in her inbox. 

It all worked perfectly. In fact more than that. I loved it. It only took me minutes for what might, for her, become a life changing experience. 

As is my usual way, I was soon distracted by the world of emails and interview but knew that I’d be getting a the inevitable phone call from my mum later in the day. A few hours later, there it was. 

There was a certain hesitation to open an email from an address she didn’t recognise - which I was pleased to hear. She did of course recognise the brand from all our conversations and there was definite intrigue in her tone. 

We chatted through the next steps and as we were catching up on the weekend decided to walk through her part of the sign up together.

And wow, what an amazing experience that was. It’s something I’d recommend everybody do with their parents (unless they’re still together as that might be a bit odd). It was also amazing to think that hundreds of people have already done this on the site with theirs.

First I witnessed her reading what I’d written for her profile. I don’t think I tell her often enough how I feel and I’ve certainly never condensed into a paragraph or two. It was an incredible bonding experience.

She then stepped through the rest of her profile, completing it with ease and confidence. Nothing seemed to trouble her. It was beautiful to witness. 

And best of all on completing her profile she landed on a page of smiling, warm, welcoming faces. A page of handsome, single gentlemen also looking for companionship; wanting to meet someone special.

All the hours, the late nights, the coffee. It was worth every minute. 

And even though we knew it was working - from the hundreds of people already sign up, to see my own mum sign up? That made it all real. 

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When I opened my inbox to find an email from my mom…

…saying “You will get a kick out of this…” I knew it would be something good.

The link took me to My Lovely Parent, and as I browsed my first thought was, “Wow, this is awesome.”  Followed by, “I hope they come to the US!”

As I signed up to be a beta tester, I started thinking about my mom.   What would I write for her profile?  Which photos would we use?  Would she be willing to do it?  As I started to picture it in my head, it struck me how much fun it would be to do something like that with her.  My mom is an amazing person (and yes, everyone says that - but she really is!) and we have a lot of fun doing things together.  I have been trying to get her to do something like this for what seems like forever, even signing her up for a dating website without her knowledge as a young teenager.  She had to apologetically cancel my match making attempts. 

Another thing that instantly appealed to me, and I knew it would make extra good convince-mom-to-do-this material, was that anyone who would want to be involved in helping their parents meet new people had to have at least a somewhat good relationship with their parents.  And, that means that they already have something in common with my mom. 

Then, I started really thinking about my Mom.  Why was she single?  Why was she so strongly opposed to trying to meet someone online for so long?  Why would me being involved make it different?  She’s not unhappy alone.  In fact, one of the things that impresses me the most about my mom is that she does what she loves pretty much every day.  She exercises every morning and goes hiking every weekend.  She teaches art to children and adults, and works in a creative field, doing graphic and web design, something that she enjoys (at least most of the time).   She’s adventurous.  She went river rafting for her 50th birthday, and hiked Yosemite’s Half Dome after her 52nd. She has amazing friends including a book club of 9 women that have been friends for over 20 years.  She’s not lonely.  

But, I think that she would enjoy companionship, and meeting new people.  She’s lived in the same small town for 26 years now and doesn’t see a whole lot of new faces.  She has been single on and off for the better part of 19 years, since my dad died suddenly leaving her a widow with a 7 year old daughter.  Having an extremely bratty teenager certainly didn’t make getting to know people, especially men, any easier, as I wasn’t always the sweet, charming young lady that I am now. 

One of the big things that has kept her away from trying to meet someone online, is, in her own words, “I don’t do internet dating for a few reasons but mainly because my life is good, meaning I feel good about myself,  and having a “mate” doesn’t feel necessary and therefore  I don’t feel “needy” of “searching.” I’m not lonely.

Which is not to say that If I just happen to meet someone in some unexpected circumstance I would not be interested. I would be. I’m just not interested in the search – I just don’t want to bother!”

My Lovely Parent gives parents like my mom an opportunity to connect and meet other people in similar circumstances – parents who don’t want to seek someone out online, for whatever the multitude of reasons may be, but who would, like my mom, be interested in meeting someone under the right circumstances.  Being able to be involved would help those circumstances be a possibility, and would also make the process something fun that we could be involved in together. 

Being much more involved in the internet and social media world than Mom (though she does do Facebook!), narrowing down potential suitors isn’t something that would be a bother for me, and would be something I’d love to do for my Mom.  Even though my initial matchmaking attempts were a total fail, as Mom says “let’s face it, I think you have a little more wisdom now, a lot more maturity, and much better taste! So what the heck, if you want to do the initial poking around … I think I can handle that!”

I hope that this idea takes off and I can’t wait to help her start making connections at My Lovely Parent.


This was emailed to us earlier this week by Sara. It’s such a beautiful story we couldn’t resist sharing it (with her permission of course!). If you’d like to get in touch we’d love to hear from you -

Oh and we will be launching in the US in the next couple of weeks. If you haven’t already head to and sign up. We’ll send you a mail as soon as we launch. 

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And to answer all the hundreds of emails we’ve had in from the US - YES - we will be launching in the States. Within the next couple of months. 

Head over to myLovelyParent and sign up. We’ll get in touch as soon as. 

[Video: made by the very kind people at GeoBeats]

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