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Following in the footsteps of Google

This morning I jumped on an early flight to Köln, Germany. Two days out the office, mixing it with the great and good of the dating industry at iDate 2012.

I’ve been invited as a speaker (straight after Google), to talk through the concept and vision for myLovelyParent. The session is titled CEO Therapy – a mix of presentation and, slightly more unnerving, cross-examination.

Public speaking I’m okay with. Even the questions and answer section I’m hoping will be okay.

What doesn’t sit well for me is thinking of myLovelyParent as a dating website. I feel it cheapens what we’re trying to achieve.

Sure it’s a place where people can meet someone new. And yes, for some it may end in love, maybe marriage.

But for most it’s about companionship – whether it’s an online pen pal the other side of the world or discovering a fellow dog walker living down the road.

Anyway time to remind myself of the presentation I wrote and try not to spill my coffee down my shirt. First impressions n’ all that….

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