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"I get emails every day from dating sites for older people"

Yesterday I was chatting about myLovelyParent with some I respect massively. 

She runs a hugely successful London-based marketing agency. And she has a single mum who, a little while ago she signed up to an online dating site. So perfect!

That was it for me - pen out, paper at the ready. In all these months I’d never yet met anybody who had actually already tried to sign their parents up. 

What I love is how she went about it.

She signed up as her mum. 

She wasn’t sure what to expect. She didn’t trust the site. She wasn’t confident her mum would enjoy it. So she wanted to do a little ‘exploring’ before telling her mum about it.

And the result?

She didn’t like it. She didn’t like the people within it – she felt they were the wrong kind of people, after the wrong kind of thing. She felt it wasn’t the kind of place she’d want her mum to ‘be’. 

And to make it worse she became less and less enamoured by it as the spam steadily started to pour into her inbox. 

And her view on myLovelyParent?

Well, I showed her the site - at the moment it’s nothing more than a set of non-designed pages that are all connected. I walked her through and watched as her smile grew and grew.

I’d almost forgotten just what this means to people – for the children and their parents.

She LOVED it!

She can’t wait for it to go live and to sign her mum up. 

She then planted a final seed in my mind:

“How about having the business staffed by older single mums and dads? For older people, by older people.”

And the best of all, as soon as we finished our chat, she headed over to two people to tell them all about it!

Love it. 

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