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Organic v’s Fast Growth

“$1,000 per day, minimum”

Starting up a new business in a new industry is fun. There’s no doubt about it. But you need to learn the numbers pretty quickly.

$1,000 was the daily adword budget recommended to me by one of the top US ‘online dating’ marketers…if we were to have any chance of breaking into their market.

And hey, he might be right.

But I also believe there is another way to grow a business which still delivers fast growth. And in my view it’s got to meet these 3 rules:


Be useful
Fundamentally your business must serve a need or consumer desire. The better it does this, the better the business will be. That’s the easy one.

Establish authority
Maybe this is a little much ‘marketing’ nonsense.

Simply put, global brands can be built by telling the truth and respecting customers, staff and people around you. Really it’s just about behaving as more than just a business and being brave enough to take a lead in doing so.

It builds an emotional engagement with a brand which is almost impossible to break.

Provide reciprocity
Give something back. Not in exchange for something. But as a thanks. As a surprise. 


For now I’m not heading down the $1,000 a day route. Namely because I don’t have it. Plus I don’t believe it. If people are going to love myLovelyParent they’ll help me get the brand out there. It’s working so far and it’s only just begun.

For now my focus is on creating an exceptional business.

Right, I’m off back to the beach for a bit more mulling things over. And just maybe a swim.

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